Weapons Locker

Blaster Weapons
Damage / Conceal / Shots

  • Hold Out Blaster, 8/1/6
  • Sporting Blaster Pistol, 9/2/6
  • Blaster Pistol, 10/2/100
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol, 11/3/50
  • Sporting Blaster Rifle, 11/5/50
  • Blaster Carbine, 12/4/50
  • Blaster Rifle, 13*/5/50
  • Heavy Blaster Rifle, 13**/6/30
  • Light Repeating Blaster, 14**/6/30, capable of burst fire
  • Heavy Repeating Blaster, 16**/8/20, capable of burst fire

Ion Weapons add 2 to their damage vs. droids & cyborgs, but lose 2 vs. organic beings.
Sonic Weapons lose 2 points of damage, but can’t be parried or reflected by lightsabers.

Exotic Weapons

  • Bow-Caster, 13**/6/10
  • Energy Ball, 10/2/1, Thrown
  • Frag Grenades, 12**, Thrown
  • Thermal Detonator, All***, Thrown but cant throw it far enough
  • Verpine Shatter Gun, 13*/4/100, Silent
  • Verpine Shatter Sniper Rifle, 14**/6/100, Silent
  • Wrist Flame-Thrower, 12*/1/3, Short Range cone 30 ft x 15 wide

Grenades and thrown explosives use either the Ranged Military or Physical Athletics skills to hit. You don’t have to declare how many nameless targets that you’re attacking with an explosive, you just take out as many as your result would allow. As a general rule, the most nameless targets you can effect are equal to half their current number. The GM is able to throw in any complications he deems appropriate, depending on the environment.

Melee Weapons

  • Punch or Chop, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Strength +1
  • Kick, Knife, Strength +2
  • Staff, Club, Dagger, Strength +3
  • Spear, Sword, Gamorean Axe, Strength +4
  • Throwing Star, Rodian Throwing Razor, Dugg Blade 5
  • Thrown Dagger, 6
  • Arrow, Crossbow Bolt, 7

Vibro / Force Weapons add 2 to the base damage of the weapon.
Shock Weapons do damage as basic weapons, see GM for shock effects.

Weapons Locker

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