Equipment Storage


Most Star Wars characters will be lightly armored if at all. Any type of armor that is at all useful against the deadly weapons and powers that are continually being tossed about in the typical Feng Shui fight also impedes movement and makes it harder to hit opponents. In other words, you don’t often see armor on action movie heroes, so we’ve made it a rather unattractive option in game terms.

Armor adds to the Toughness rating of characters wearing it, and reduces their Agility ratings. There are two common types of armor: bulletproof vests and polymer shell uniforms.

Bulletproof vests are available and they come in light and heavy grades. Light vests can be hidden under clothing; heavy vests are obvious and not concealable.

Armor Protection Values
TToughness Bonus / Agility Penalty
light vest, +1 / -1,
heavy vest, +2 / -2,
police shell, +2 / -1,
military shell, +3 / -3,

Med Kirs

These devices small amounts of Kolto to bee used for healing in the field. It carries 6 uses of Kolto and when used with the Medicine Skill, but you do not need any adds in it, it adds 10 to the roll.

Medicine Bag

This is a pouch that can be used by people with points in the medicine skill. It can be used repeatedly with just the bag and have it add 3 to your rolls, or use 1 of your 10 doses of Kolto to up the bonus to +13.

Equipment Storage

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