Jericho Campaign

Finding Master Jericho III

Grumbles turns out to every bit fit the name. He tells the group that he worked the tunnels for 25 years before those damn Yukel Mutant Ratz infested the place. They took over little by little, drove us all out. Hell before them damn things they only had to worry about the Rancor some fool had dumped there. The little fuzzy thing could be huge by now. But he did know the way through and he would take them in exchange for freeing him.

After a night at the make shift orphanage, the group plus Mr Grumbles head into the city toward the sewer junction to head toward the strip. On the way they run across a Sith Check point where they are checking ID. and [Bod] comments, a little to loudly, “Well were not going this way.” The Sith hear him, and things turn into a Benny Hill skit as they flee through allies.

Bad turns to worse as they cross a road right in front of a Sith Tank. From there everyone was split up as they got away. They finally got back together 2 days later at the Orpanage. They spent the night there and set out again the next morning.

Sewer rats

Once in the locked and barricaded sewers the group is beset by human sized swarms of rats. Dern things got big, was all Grumps had to say. After several fights the attacks suddenly stop. The next room, Grumps calls the Central Chamber, and that you need to get through it.

Sure enough the chamber is tall, over 40 ft. and dozens of tunnels intersect here. Along the wall, but several other intersect in the gentle curves of the wall as it arches up to become the ceiling. That’s when the stench hits the group followed soon after by a roar, and then the Rancor that is responsible for both. Then Grump says, “We called him Walley, but he’s a big un now.”


Once Walley’s down all they need to do is a short climb to a ceiling hatch a ladder climb away. Once outside they group finds themselves in the center of a U if the letter were the city they just left. The area between is mostly flat, with what appears to a very large park within. The walls to the three sides have periodic passages to and from the city. All along the Wall tops you can see Sith Troops and Gun Emplacements.


Experience = 6

Finding Master Jericho II
Exploring the City


The party’s heads clear from the escape pods crash. Looking about they see they have crashed in a poor lower-class / industrial area. Getting out they notice they have attracted some attention in the form of Mari, a Jedi from the Excellence as well as several dirty children dressed in rags,who’s first words are; “Are you Sith?” When the answeris no they add; “Better run then, they’ll be here soon.” Then they run heading toward a group of habitat’s near the factories.

Desert house

The girl who was doing the talking runs into a larger habitat that seems to have a large abundance of kids around it. This is the home of the Waterdown family. The girl is Aaeva and her parents are Dev and Eva. Dev works in the factories smelting speeder parts. Eva tends the family garden and cares for all the orphans the family has taken in. Their parents died when the Sith came.

They tell the party the horror of the Sith Arrival, and the wave of terror that came with them as they secured the planet and the industries on it. They also tell them about seeing their pod and one other that landed near here in an area called the “Strip”.

The Strip is an area beyond the city where the local gangs have fled the Sith, and are hold up and fighting the Sith to keep them out. All the overland entrances are held by the Sith, IN FORCE! Trying to get in there would be suicide.


That’s when Aaeva mentions someone named Old Mr Grumbles said he could get there.

He’s just a crazy old tunnel worker, Eva responds. Besides the Sith have him locked up with those other innocent folk in that Security Lock-house they built. They must have a hundred troops that work out of that place, so getting to him would be impossible. That plus the tank they have out front.

Aaeva responds. It’s not a tank mama, its a speeder with armor and lots of guns, but it’s not a tank.

Sith speeder

Dev adds, getting in during the day would be easy with them letting people to get their ID’s and to exchange currency, but I would hate to have to get out after starting shit.

During a recon of the place, Kheni Re’ and Mari get spotted and when searched they find a Light Saber on her. Fighting ensued. Jedi captured. The rest escaped. They quickly returned to the Waterdown’s place. They try to get them to run. They refuse. Their papers place ALL of them here. Dev needs his job. They need to get her out.

So the group goes in and starts a huge fire fight but manages to get Grumbles out.


Experience = 5

Finding Master Jericho
Part One - Escaping the Excellence.

Starship ecelence

The first thing you notice, as you are sleeping, is you ass fling across your sleeping chambers as the Excellence is rocked by the impact of some very large energy weapons, followed by claxon sounding and the voice of the Captain, who says; We are under attack. We are under attack by the Sith vessel Dark Wraith. Master Jericho and his party need to make their ways to the bridge immediately. The message then begins to repeat as the sounds of added destruction meets your ears.

You scramble about your room gather up your few personal items. As you do the message changes to; Sith Troops have boarded the Excellence. All personnel, Sith Troops have boarded the ship. With that you stumble into the chaos of the ships corridor where your ships troops rush from one place to another along with damage control teams and the like.

Pitt droid 2

This is where [Bob], [Ken] and [Joe] meet. Having no idea where they are, and having no luck getting the info from others as they rush about, they notice a repair droid, with the designation J-325, gesturing at them to follow it.

It takes them down a long hall that ends at a bank of elevators and jumps into the next one that empties out. It punches the top button and it whisks them away. During the short trip the repeating message again changes. This time right after a huge explosion that takes out the light to be replaced by the ship emergency lighting. The message now says; Jericho team you are need on the bridge deck. All other crew proceed to the escape pods. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!.. It then goes totally dead. The droid sounds a sad sound.

Sith trooper

Eventually the teams elevator stops and opens onto a deck covered with bodies and blood. Standing near by are x2 Sith Troopers who open fire.

They continue toward the fore of the ship and that leads into an area near the ship engines. As they pass through a maintenance room. A big loader-bot with the designation LB-J24 springs into action with a shower of sparks coming from its robotic brain. It attacks.

From there start into a dorm area where their are many halls with nothing but crew quarters as far as the eye can see. As they work their way toward the far turbo lifts they encounter 10 Sith Troopers, 1 Sith Sgt and Captain Blair, Sith Officer.

Loader droid

From there it a short trip to the elevators, but they are shut down from the bridge, and will need to be over ridden. Jay does it easily. Seconds later you arrive on the bridge to find most everyone dead, with the exception of Captain Hammerfell. He is wounded, but will be fine. He reports the following;

“The Excellence is scrap and will be pulled into the planet eventually. He is going down with the ship and will do his best not to hit a population center. Master Jericho has taken the last bridge escape pod to the planet and unfortunately the sensors were out at the time so he can’t tell you were he landed. It seems the Sith have invaded and taken the planet while the ship was in hyper space. You must get to the escape pods and find Jericho and then get a ship to get on with the mission. Good-Luck.”

After a short elevator trip to a new deck the group makes it’s way to the escape pod deck. Guarding it are 20 Sith Troopers and Andex the Sith Padawan. From there they jump into a pod and blast into the atmosphere.



The Gathering.
Getting the Group Together. a.k.a. the Set Up

Republic symbolYou were all approached and hired by people who represented the Republic for a important mission. Your eyes were opened even wider when you were taken to the local space port and shuttled up to the Republic Fleet and taken on board the Star Destroyer Excellence and assigned sleeping quarters. Time passed as you made several jumps. Your needs were cared for, but were asked to stay in your room.

Captain hammerfellSuddenly a trooper appeared and asked you to pack up your belongings, and then to follow him.

Your long walk ended in a meeting room. There were several others like you there. Before you got a chance to talk to the others, a young man in a uniform entered the room and the trooper at the door announced, “Captain on Deck!” The next thought that past through your brain was he seemed too young to command a Cruiser sized ship.

He cleared his throat and began to speak…
Hello and a belated welcome aboard, but it was decided to wait until we had all of you abourd the Excellence and just do it once. Thank-You for agreeing to help with the important job we have ahead of us. Now all I know about the mission is that the Excellence is to act to take you anywhere deemed necessary for you to visit. Now to introduce you to the man who will deciding where that is. I introduce to you Jedi-Master Finn Jerico… and with that he sits.

Master jerico

Entering the room is an older man, late 40’s or so, human male in very nice quality robes. A lightsaber hangs from his belt. In his arms are a large bundle of papers that he proceeds to spill all over the table. As he starts to gather them he speaks; Oh, bother. Just leave that for now. I’ll get it later. He pauses and looks out at you. Oh yes, what a nice group, yes you’ll do nicely I think. But yes as to why your here. With the Sith forces expanding as they like to do. Yet a new weapon has reared its head, and I as Master of the Jedi Scholars on Corrosant have been chosen to lead a group, well you, an this journey to discover…well…something. We are on our way to the planet Osis to speak with the Jedi who are there and find out what we are to do. As he finishes gathering his papers up.

Starship ecelence

Captain Hammerfell then stands again; The Excellence is due to transit out of hyperspace tomorrow over the planet Nod long enought to check our chants, recalculate out hyperdrive and then its a short jump to Osis. You will have a few days to get to know each other before your mission begins, but for now troopers will escort to new quarters for the rest of our journey.

Unfortunately no one mentioned that you would all be awoken from a sound sleep by the attack of a Sith battle cruiser that was already at the planet Nod. Damn rude Sith.


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