Jericho Campaign

The Gathering.

Getting the Group Together. a.k.a. the Set Up

Republic symbolYou were all approached and hired by people who represented the Republic for a important mission. Your eyes were opened even wider when you were taken to the local space port and shuttled up to the Republic Fleet and taken on board the Star Destroyer Excellence and assigned sleeping quarters. Time passed as you made several jumps. Your needs were cared for, but were asked to stay in your room.

Captain hammerfellSuddenly a trooper appeared and asked you to pack up your belongings, and then to follow him.

Your long walk ended in a meeting room. There were several others like you there. Before you got a chance to talk to the others, a young man in a uniform entered the room and the trooper at the door announced, “Captain on Deck!” The next thought that past through your brain was he seemed too young to command a Cruiser sized ship.

He cleared his throat and began to speak…
Hello and a belated welcome aboard, but it was decided to wait until we had all of you abourd the Excellence and just do it once. Thank-You for agreeing to help with the important job we have ahead of us. Now all I know about the mission is that the Excellence is to act to take you anywhere deemed necessary for you to visit. Now to introduce you to the man who will deciding where that is. I introduce to you Jedi-Master Finn Jerico… and with that he sits.

Master jerico

Entering the room is an older man, late 40’s or so, human male in very nice quality robes. A lightsaber hangs from his belt. In his arms are a large bundle of papers that he proceeds to spill all over the table. As he starts to gather them he speaks; Oh, bother. Just leave that for now. I’ll get it later. He pauses and looks out at you. Oh yes, what a nice group, yes you’ll do nicely I think. But yes as to why your here. With the Sith forces expanding as they like to do. Yet a new weapon has reared its head, and I as Master of the Jedi Scholars on Corrosant have been chosen to lead a group, well you, an this journey to discover…well…something. We are on our way to the planet Osis to speak with the Jedi who are there and find out what we are to do. As he finishes gathering his papers up.

Starship ecelence

Captain Hammerfell then stands again; The Excellence is due to transit out of hyperspace tomorrow over the planet Nod long enought to check our chants, recalculate out hyperdrive and then its a short jump to Osis. You will have a few days to get to know each other before your mission begins, but for now troopers will escort to new quarters for the rest of our journey.

Unfortunately no one mentioned that you would all be awoken from a sound sleep by the attack of a Sith battle cruiser that was already at the planet Nod. Damn rude Sith.



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