Jericho Campaign

Finding Master Jericho III

Grumbles turns out to every bit fit the name. He tells the group that he worked the tunnels for 25 years before those damn Yukel Mutant Ratz infested the place. They took over little by little, drove us all out. Hell before them damn things they only had to worry about the Rancor some fool had dumped there. The little fuzzy thing could be huge by now. But he did know the way through and he would take them in exchange for freeing him.

After a night at the make shift orphanage, the group plus Mr Grumbles head into the city toward the sewer junction to head toward the strip. On the way they run across a Sith Check point where they are checking ID. and [Bod] comments, a little to loudly, “Well were not going this way.” The Sith hear him, and things turn into a Benny Hill skit as they flee through allies.

Bad turns to worse as they cross a road right in front of a Sith Tank. From there everyone was split up as they got away. They finally got back together 2 days later at the Orpanage. They spent the night there and set out again the next morning.

Sewer rats

Once in the locked and barricaded sewers the group is beset by human sized swarms of rats. Dern things got big, was all Grumps had to say. After several fights the attacks suddenly stop. The next room, Grumps calls the Central Chamber, and that you need to get through it.

Sure enough the chamber is tall, over 40 ft. and dozens of tunnels intersect here. Along the wall, but several other intersect in the gentle curves of the wall as it arches up to become the ceiling. That’s when the stench hits the group followed soon after by a roar, and then the Rancor that is responsible for both. Then Grump says, “We called him Walley, but he’s a big un now.”


Once Walley’s down all they need to do is a short climb to a ceiling hatch a ladder climb away. Once outside they group finds themselves in the center of a U if the letter were the city they just left. The area between is mostly flat, with what appears to a very large park within. The walls to the three sides have periodic passages to and from the city. All along the Wall tops you can see Sith Troops and Gun Emplacements.


Experience = 6



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