Jericho Campaign

Finding Master Jericho II

Exploring the City


The party’s heads clear from the escape pods crash. Looking about they see they have crashed in a poor lower-class / industrial area. Getting out they notice they have attracted some attention in the form of Mari, a Jedi from the Excellence as well as several dirty children dressed in rags,who’s first words are; “Are you Sith?” When the answeris no they add; “Better run then, they’ll be here soon.” Then they run heading toward a group of habitat’s near the factories.

Desert house

The girl who was doing the talking runs into a larger habitat that seems to have a large abundance of kids around it. This is the home of the Waterdown family. The girl is Aaeva and her parents are Dev and Eva. Dev works in the factories smelting speeder parts. Eva tends the family garden and cares for all the orphans the family has taken in. Their parents died when the Sith came.

They tell the party the horror of the Sith Arrival, and the wave of terror that came with them as they secured the planet and the industries on it. They also tell them about seeing their pod and one other that landed near here in an area called the “Strip”.

The Strip is an area beyond the city where the local gangs have fled the Sith, and are hold up and fighting the Sith to keep them out. All the overland entrances are held by the Sith, IN FORCE! Trying to get in there would be suicide.


That’s when Aaeva mentions someone named Old Mr Grumbles said he could get there.

He’s just a crazy old tunnel worker, Eva responds. Besides the Sith have him locked up with those other innocent folk in that Security Lock-house they built. They must have a hundred troops that work out of that place, so getting to him would be impossible. That plus the tank they have out front.

Aaeva responds. It’s not a tank mama, its a speeder with armor and lots of guns, but it’s not a tank.

Sith speeder

Dev adds, getting in during the day would be easy with them letting people to get their ID’s and to exchange currency, but I would hate to have to get out after starting shit.

During a recon of the place, Kheni Re’ and Mari get spotted and when searched they find a Light Saber on her. Fighting ensued. Jedi captured. The rest escaped. They quickly returned to the Waterdown’s place. They try to get them to run. They refuse. Their papers place ALL of them here. Dev needs his job. They need to get her out.

So the group goes in and starts a huge fire fight but manages to get Grumbles out.


Experience = 5



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