Jericho Campaign

Finding Master Jericho

Part One - Escaping the Excellence.

Starship ecelence

The first thing you notice, as you are sleeping, is you ass fling across your sleeping chambers as the Excellence is rocked by the impact of some very large energy weapons, followed by claxon sounding and the voice of the Captain, who says; We are under attack. We are under attack by the Sith vessel Dark Wraith. Master Jericho and his party need to make their ways to the bridge immediately. The message then begins to repeat as the sounds of added destruction meets your ears.

You scramble about your room gather up your few personal items. As you do the message changes to; Sith Troops have boarded the Excellence. All personnel, Sith Troops have boarded the ship. With that you stumble into the chaos of the ships corridor where your ships troops rush from one place to another along with damage control teams and the like.

Pitt droid 2

This is where [Bob], [Ken] and [Joe] meet. Having no idea where they are, and having no luck getting the info from others as they rush about, they notice a repair droid, with the designation J-325, gesturing at them to follow it.

It takes them down a long hall that ends at a bank of elevators and jumps into the next one that empties out. It punches the top button and it whisks them away. During the short trip the repeating message again changes. This time right after a huge explosion that takes out the light to be replaced by the ship emergency lighting. The message now says; Jericho team you are need on the bridge deck. All other crew proceed to the escape pods. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!.. It then goes totally dead. The droid sounds a sad sound.

Sith trooper

Eventually the teams elevator stops and opens onto a deck covered with bodies and blood. Standing near by are x2 Sith Troopers who open fire.

They continue toward the fore of the ship and that leads into an area near the ship engines. As they pass through a maintenance room. A big loader-bot with the designation LB-J24 springs into action with a shower of sparks coming from its robotic brain. It attacks.

From there start into a dorm area where their are many halls with nothing but crew quarters as far as the eye can see. As they work their way toward the far turbo lifts they encounter 10 Sith Troopers, 1 Sith Sgt and Captain Blair, Sith Officer.

Loader droid

From there it a short trip to the elevators, but they are shut down from the bridge, and will need to be over ridden. Jay does it easily. Seconds later you arrive on the bridge to find most everyone dead, with the exception of Captain Hammerfell. He is wounded, but will be fine. He reports the following;

“The Excellence is scrap and will be pulled into the planet eventually. He is going down with the ship and will do his best not to hit a population center. Master Jericho has taken the last bridge escape pod to the planet and unfortunately the sensors were out at the time so he can’t tell you were he landed. It seems the Sith have invaded and taken the planet while the ship was in hyper space. You must get to the escape pods and find Jericho and then get a ship to get on with the mission. Good-Luck.”

After a short elevator trip to a new deck the group makes it’s way to the escape pod deck. Guarding it are 20 Sith Troopers and Andex the Sith Padawan. From there they jump into a pod and blast into the atmosphere.





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